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Jimmy Sexton from Esquire Group LLC shared a news item
00:58 24 June 2017

In this webinar we will explain what types of income are subject to withholding, the amounts that need to be withheld, how tax treaties can affect the amount to be withheld, how withholding is reported to the recipient, how withholding is paid and reported to the IRS, who is responsible for the tax, as well as the penalties for noncompliance

Brian Mahany from Mahany & Ertl shared a news item
23:17 24 November 2014

Credit Suisse AG, a huge Swiss banking company with $872 billion in assets, was sentenced yesterday for its role in assisting U.S. taxpayers commit tax evasion. Convicted on May 19th of conspiracy to defraud the IRS, sentencing was postponed until November 21st. Yesterday, the bank was penalized $2.6 billion in fines and restitution.