1. What is taxlinked.net?

Taxlinked.net is a hub where experts and information seekers from around the world can improve their knowledge of tax, corporate and legal matters and advance their own business opportunities. The community also lets you create a network of fellow professionals, create and share content, promote your business, publicise events and more.

2. How will I find time for one more community?

The aim of taxlinked.net is to save you time because it is designed to compile all the latest and relevant information out there and help you reach a wider range of experts more quickly than through traditional methods. Content is instantly available and searchable and community members can like, comment and share your content.


1. Ok, I am registered. What is next?

After you have registered you will be transferred to your home page. Here, you can:
  • Post an update, news, articles, files
  • View your connections’ updates
  • View spotlights and today’s headlines
  • View upcoming events
  • See who is online and who the most popular members

2. Is there an area for newbies?

Yes, on the top right of your home page you will find an orange area which reads “I am new on taxlinked.net” where you can find initial information which can help you get more familiar to the site quickly and easily.

Making professional connections

1. How to connect to a member?

Working with the tax, corporate or legal sectors is all about getting the right connections.
  • Explore our member directory and find people you want to connect with or people you may already know.
  • Explore community resources to find a member you want to connect with.

2. How to invite a friend/colleague to taxlinked.net?

Taxlinked.net is a good place to invite professionals you know. It will help you to keep in touch, share your knowledge or ask for advice.
  • Go to your Inbox and switch to “Invitations” tab
  • Click the button “Invite now”
  • Enter an email address of a person you want to invite
  • Click “Send” 


I want to share my own content. Where do I start?

You will find “Share an update” in your home page and profile. You can also share your content through your social media networks.


1. How can I update my profile?

It is very useful to keep your profile updated and to allow others to find you quickly and easily. To update your profile just go to your profile and press “Edit Profile”.

2. How can I create a company profile?

A company profile is an important part of finding new business, partners and promoting your company to a global and relevant audience.

Just go to “Company Profile” in the top right, choose what type of a company you want to create, fill in information and that’s all there is to it!