What Members Have to Say About Taxlinked

  • Belinda Wong
  • Veronika Khan
  • Fred Rollo
  • Felix Bagilishya
  • Jimmy Sexton
  • Josep Garcia
  • Olga Cherkasova
  • Wissam Abousleiman
  • Panayiotis Frangeskides
  • Nicky Gouder
  • Panagiotis Spatiotis
  • Yaroslav Abramov
  • Vlad Ghinescu
  • Nawaz Neeraj
  • Ivan Cini
  • Eddie Rashkovan
  • Rainer Kollmann
  • Eleftherios Erkekoglou
  • João Santos Pinto

Belinda Wong, Director at Leader Corporate Services Limited, Hong Kong

Being a Taxlinked member gives me the opportunity to read messages and comments of professionals working in other countries. These enhance my knowledge and give me access to a wide number of people who are readily available to assist my clients in their countries.

Veronika Khan, Private Consultant, Singapore

Being a member offers me opportunities to cooperate with colleagues from other countries.

Fred Rollo, Director Principal at Rollo & Company Pty Ltd, Australia

Being part of an independent international community of professional colleagues is of the greatest benefit. Although I have held Director positions with two of what are now the Big 4 professional firms, I have spent most of my career as a consultant or a principal in boutique firms. My experience is that being a member in independent networks has given me a competitive edge.

Felix Bagilishya, COBUS GROUP, United Kingdom

Taxlinked offers me access to quality information from colleagues on the ground in a prompt manner and allows me to establish new professional contacts.

Jimmy Sexton, President at Esquire Group, LLC, USA

The greatest benefit of being part of this community is being able to connect with other tax professionals worldwide. Working in the international tax field, we often need support from tax professionals in other countries. Taxlinked makes it easy for me locate professionals and collaborate with them. I also enjoy the content that is posted as it is educational and expands my knowledge.

Josep Garcia, Partner Director at Advantia Assessors, Andorra

Although I would like to be more active on Taxlinked, membership in a social network specialized in taxation offers me a major centre for building relationships with professionals in the same industry. Furthermore, it enriches our work to be able to combine our experiences and knowledge to find ways how to better serve our customers or companies.

Olga Cherkasova, Russian Federation

Taxlinked allows me to develop connections with professionals worldwide, which in turn helps me solve problems for multinational clients.

Wissam Abousleiman, Abousleiman & Co., Lebanon

Taxlinked helps me connect with like-minded people.

Panayiotis Frangeskides, Tax Manager at Consulco, Cyprus

Taxlinked's benefits to my business include networking, getting information on recent developments in other countries, and obtaining support from other tax professionals.

Nicky Gouder, Tax Partner at Capstone Group, Malta

The main benefit of Taxlinked is the possibility of keeping up to date on a number of topics and being able to connect, and therefore receive support, from experts in other jurisdictions.

Panagiotis Spatiotis, Greece

Taxlinked has allowed me to connect with other members and discuss issues regarding our field.

Yaroslav Abramov, Counsel at Silver Seal Advisers, Ukraine

I appreciate the news shared and participation in discussions with a very specific audience from all over the world.

Vlad Ghinescu, Tuca Zbarcea si Asociatii Tax, Romania

In my opinion, the biggest benefits to Taxlinked are the easy access to tax professionals around the globe, easy access to communication and specialized advice, and the fact that you establish new relationships every day, meeting fantastic people from all around the world.

Nawaz Neeraj, Professional Advisor, Mauritius

Taxlinked has allowed me to market our firm's competencies and service offerings.

Arun Gupta, G D Singla & Co., Chartered Accountants, India

Interaction and networking with tax professionals from all over the globe has been Taxlinked's primary benefit to our business.

Ivan Cini, Quantum Group, Malta

Taxlinked's benefits include networking, access to seasoned professionals in various jurisdictions, and effective and efficient resource management.

Eddie Rashkovan, Ampeli Tax Law Offices, Israel

I think that Taxlinked is a useful network for information regarding international taxation.

Rainer Kollmann, Esquire Group, LLC, Germany

Taxlinked grants me access to global tax experts in a variety of fields. It is a great resource in order to understand different perspectives on global topics.

Eleftherios Erkekoglou, Partner at KSi, Greece

Taxlinked helps me connect to other professionals and get informed on tax-related issues around the world.

João Santos Pinto, Tax Lawyer and International Tax Consultant at CVSP Advogados, Portugal

Taxlinked provides me with opportunities to network and receive tax news and updates from different jurisdictions.