An Overview of the US’s Transition Tax: A Webinar

An Overview of the US’s Transition Tax: A Webinar

We're excited to announce that our webinar for the month of March will focus on the recently imposed transition tax in the USA and how it will affect multinational companies, individuals and the international tax world.

As explained by the US’s Internal Revenue Service, starting in 2018, a transition tax will be levied on “untaxed foreign earnings of foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies by deeming those earnings to be repatriated.”

More specifically, “foreign earnings held in the form of cash and cash equivalents are taxed at a 15.5 percent rate, and the remaining earnings are taxed at an 8 percent rate” and companies will be eligible to pay the tax “in installments over an eight-year period.”

This webinar will be hosted on Tuesday, April 3rd at 12:00 pm GMT and we wouldn’t want you to miss it so book your seat below.


Submit Your Questions on the US Transition Tax

Some of the questions to be covered include:

  • Who does the transition tax affect?
  • In which cases would the transition tax apply to non-corporate US shareholders, including individuals?
  • How is the transition tax calculated?
  • Is there any way to lessen the burden imposed by this transition tax?
  • Will the imposition of this mandatory transition tax lead to any cases of double taxation?
  • Will crypto currencies such as Bitcoin be considered cash equivalent in terms of transition tax calculations?
  • And plenty more!

As usual, our panelists expect your questions on the US transition tax. So if there are any that have not been listed above, please make sure you submit them below.


Our US Transition Tax Panelists

John Richardson, Tax Lawyer, Toronto, Canada

John Richardson, Lawyer, Toronto, Canada

John Richardson is a Toronto, Canada based lawyer. He provides advice and assistance for  U.S. citizens and Green card holders who do not reside in the United States. He specializes in U.S. citizenship relinquishment, Green Card expatriation and assisting U.S. persons with their compliance obligations. You can contact him on his website

Dr. Karen Alpert, Finance Professor, University of Queensland Business School, Australia

Dr. Karen Alpert, Finance Lecturer, University of Queensland Business School, Australia

Dr. Karen Alpert lectures Finance at the University of Queensland Business School in Australia. Dr Alpert’s qualifications include a PhD in Finance (University of Queensland), Masters in Tax (University of Southern California) and MBA (University of California, Berkeley). Her research explores the impact of taxation and government regulation on financial decision making.

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