International Tax Implications of Brexit – The Webinar

International Tax Implications of Brexit – The Webinar

We’re thrilled to announce our next webinar! This time around, our distinguished panel of experts will discuss the international tax implications of Brexit.

It will take place on Thursday, December 8th at 9:00 am GMT and registrations are now open.

Following the UK vote to leave the European Union, many questions have been posed on how this will affect international taxation and multinational companies based in the country.

Of course, our panel of experts will do their best to shed light on what can be expected international tax-wise once the UK leaves the EU.

For instance, our event plans on touching upon the following questions:

  • How will Brexit affect corporate taxes?
  • What are the main tax-related considerations for MNCs based out of the UK?
  • Will this decision to leave the EU influence the UK's commitment to the OECD’s BEPS project?

We look forward to greeting you at this event so make sure to reserve your spot below!


Send Us Your Brexit Questions

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Our distinguished group of panelists is already waiting to help you out!

Get to Know Our Brexit Panelists!

Felix Bagilishya, Business Development & Marketing Director, Cobus Group, London, UK

Felix Bagilishya, Business Development & Marketing Director, Cobus Group, London, United Kingdom

Felix is the Business Development and Marketing Director for Cobus Group, a London-based fiduciary firm that provides corporate business solutions since 1995, setting up and managing over 4,000 companies to date.

His firm formulates and provides global solutions and essential support services to start-ups and established companies, as well as to professional, legal and financial intermediaries in an international business environment. Furthermore, the firm focuses on structuring tailor-made solutions for their clients and ensuring long-term asset protection and tax optimisation, while working closely with its network of agents worldwide.

The company offers the following services: incorporation & administration of UK & international companies; wealth structuring; asset protection; advisory & business development; foundation & trust formation; provision of professional directors & nominee shareholders; opening & management of bank accounts; registered offices & representative offices; accounting & tax management; document legalization, and; assistance for clients wishing to invest and trade in Europe.

Luca Cerioni, Law Professor, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Luca Cerioni, Professor of Law, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Luca Cerioni is Lecturer in Tax Law at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Law. He gained his Ph.D from the University of Essex and his main research interests lie in the areas of international tax law, comparative tax law and EU tax law & policy. He also carries out research on topics that are at the interface between tax law, on the one hand, and company law, corporate governance & CSR, on the other. Dr. Cerioni wrote the books "EU Corporate Law and EU Company Tax Law" (2007) and "The European Union and Direct Taxation: A Solution for a Difficult Relationship" (2015). In terms of the potential tax implications of Brexit, prior to the June referendum, Dr. Cerioni co-authored the article “Brexit and Direct Taxation: What are the Implications?” in the European Futures blog of the University of Edinburgh.

Giancarlo Corvino, Director, Centre for International Fiscal Studies (CINFIS), Lugano, Switzerland

Giancarlo Corvino, Director, Centre for International Fiscal Studies (CINFIS), Lugano, Switzerland

Giancarlo Cervino is a freelance journalist based out of Italy and Switzerland who specializes in international tax planning. Giancarlo has twenty-six years experience in consultancy for major banks and tax firms on anti-money laundering, banking and tax planning.

Steven Landes, Partner, S H Landes LLP Chartered Accountants, London, UK

Steven Landes, Partner, S H Landes LLP Chartered Accountants, London, UK

Steven qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a medium-size central London firm and following a spell at Ernst & Young became a partner at Berg Kaprow Lewis before launching S H Landes LLP. He has had articles published on tax issues affecting leisure developers and on the international environment affecting offshore and onshore companies.

Steven provides a wide array of services to the financial services sector ranging from FCA application sign off, providing a totally outsourced back office support function for such entities, acting as FCA auditor and also offering tax and financial planning advice on a proactive basis. Steven also has particular experience with overseas entrepreneurs looking to trade on an international basis using UK companies.

We look forward to welcoming you to what we expect will be an insightful and fruitful event on December 8th!

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