Transcript for Webinar on Self-Sabotage, Psychotherapy & Business Performance

Transcript for Webinar on Self-Sabotage, Psychotherapy & Business Performance

Did you miss our out-of-the-box webinar on how psychotherapy can help your business performance?

Well, now you can read all about.

Please feel free to download the full transcript below.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Benedetto de Francesco for enlightening us with this challenging yet utterly interesting topic.

If you have any follow-up questions for Benedetto, please submit them in the pertinent forum linked to here.


For now, here are some of the event’s main highlights!

What are the main descriptions and classifications of self-sabotage?

Benedetto de FrancescoBenedetto de Francesco (BDF): “Classifying self-sabotage may refer to the ways in which people actuate self-sabotage. Some of the most common ways are based on affection or when the person gives prevalence to affective aspects and everything will be managed according to how the subject loves and gives affection to something, someone or an idea… In addition, affection is something that ruins the logic of business and destroys those with the ability to produce money.”

How does self-sabotage work and what are its origin and process?

BDF: “The source of self-sabotage is in the unconscious. The unconscious… is the removed knowledge of our nature project as a result of defense mechanisms. In the psychological language, the translation of this removal is known as repression… Our process of rationality is based not on the correct set of information but on an interfering set of information… Inaccurate information produces erroneous decisions and negative results. So, when it happens, it's because the interference happened and the self-sabotaging program is operating.”

Is there the possibility of detecting the presence of unconscious self-sabotaging strategies? At what stage can these be detected? And if so, what is the instrument to do so?

BDF: “Despite all the common sense that we can apply in making decisions, there is also something additional to understand, and this can be understood only by having personal psychotherapy encounters… The main instrument to get the information before it has any effect… is dream interpretation… With the ontopsychological approach of dream interpretation, which is very effective, it is possible to catch the whole self-sabotage dynamic from the unconscious premises to its effects.”

How is it possible to correct a self-sabotaging attitude? What has to be done to actually solve these issues?

BDF: “In the dreams, it is possible to catch the whole dynamic, and this dynamic is what we use in our business consulting process to make the person in front of us understand that a constant focus of this information, which is in advance of any type of historical actuality, is fundamental and indispensible. Without that, we have no guarantee of being free from any self-sabotage strategy… In order to correct this attitude, it is fundamental to have continuous contact with this accurate information and learn how to read it. Of course, you don’t need to be dependent of the relationship with a business consultant forever. Because, throughout the years, if you practice and study a little bit, and you are inclined to and willing to understand, you can become an expert of your self.”

The group or community we are part of certainly helps shape our personality. If the external environment does not change, how effective can psychotherapy be in reshaping some of the personality traits?

BDF: “The external environment is what we find. And, of course, it shapes a lot of our nature project. The point is that we cannot operate against it; there is a fixed part of this nature project and we cannot operate against this… But there is another part of this project, which is open and capable of shaping itself within the environment that is around… We find ourselves in a family where all this information is already there and we receive it, let's say, we suffer it because we are just coming into life and we don't know anything… The point is that we must understand that all this information is not our nature but is only a cultural or an external structure… We can win the game, respecting our inner nature and also the external rules. So, it's not a big deal. The fact that there are external structures or external rules.”

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