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Why join
As the world gets smaller, your clients think bigger.

They transact internationally. They relocate and set up businesses offshore. They reside offshore.

They derive revenues and income from assets located in different countries. Although borders may be irrelevant, country-specific laws, rules and regulations aren’t—they have to be followed.

So ambitious businesses and high-net-worth clients consult their professional advisers for reliable information on cross-border tax and legal regimes. Clients want to know what impact those rules and regulations will have on their own corporate and personal interests.

How do advisers keep up with their clients’ requirements?

In the very largest of firms, an adviser would simply consult the relevant overseas office. But how many accountancy practices and law firms maintain an extensive overseas network?

For most small-and-medium-sized firms, the only practical option is desk-based research. But research is always time-consuming. Undoubtedly laborious. Sometimes expensive. And even once found, information can be too general, superficial, inaccurate and out-of-date.

Not exactly an ideal situation for the adviser. Or the client.

Why join
But there is a solution. It’s called is a professional community that enables advisers to provide up-to-date answers to clients’ questions-accurately, quickly and confidently.

  1. Engage in real time conversations with fellow professionals
  2. Answer clients’ questions and help them overcome obstacles
  3. Access relevant and reliable information quickly and easily
  4. Discuss issues directly with professional counterparts all over the globe
  1. Create a network of international and dependable partners
  2. Keep abreast of relevant changes and events around the world
  3. Attend free webinars and interview experts on trending and practical matters
  4. Take part in one-to-one or multiparty videoconferences with fellow members

Belinda Wong

Director at Leader Corporate Services Limited, Hong Kong

Being a Taxlinked member gives me the opportunity to read messages and comments of professionals working in other countries. These enhance my knowledge and give me access to a wide number of people who are readily available to assist my clients in their countries.

Why join
A new international dimension

Building and maintaining a valuable network of 'on-the-spot' international contacts and professional advisers would usually take years. Not any more.

As a Taxlinked member, you can find the support you need to extend your service to more than one country or region.

Having immediate access to a network of qualified, dependable and like-minded colleagues around the world enables advisers to progress alongside their clients and adds an international dimension to the adviser’s business.

Why join
Pooling knowledge, ideas and expertise

Connect with 1,420 lawyers, accountants and tax advisers located in 34 countries...

As a member of the Taxlinked community, you will be able to participate in webinars with accomplished panellists, join in discussions with fellow professionals, find answers to your questions and gain access to insights and resources contributed by qualified advisors.

Can you afford not to join – we’re all about helping advisers help their clients